Our story

It's not that much to ask for is it?
Don't we all just want a cake that looks fabulous on the outside but also tastes heavenly on the inside?
But alas, it IS a lot to request it seems, because every cake I used to come across at weddings, birthdays, parties and everything in between might look pretty damn great, but taking a bite would reveal the dry, flavourless crumbly mess within.
I later discovered after talking with many cake designers that this was largely due to the fact that it is industry standard to not make cakes fresh upon customer orders but rather make them in advance and freeze for weeks (even months if you can believe it!!!!) at a time which compromises the texture and flavour of the ingredients.
I found this practice CRAZY! So with the guidance of my Dad who was a fantastic pastry chef and my Mum who was a cake decorator herself, I set out to create a menu of cakes, cupcakes and cookies that actually tasted INSANELY DELICIOUS as well as look DOWNRIGHT FABULOUS!
My team and I (the hubby) now work together to continue to bring you delicious and exquisitely designed sweets that are NEVER dry and bland. We guarantee it!
So go on, 'unlock delicious' and try a REAL cake, cupcake or cookie from the CakeKeeper today to indulge in sweets the way they should be made - FRESH!!!
Much Love (and sweetness),
The CakeKeeper